We are your local Defense Firearms Training organization.

We teach the responsibility unique to Americans in our right to bear arms, protect ourselves and loved ones, and support a civil society. It’s not the occasional trip to the range; it’s a lifestyle!




As an American you have been promised the right to defend yourself. That right necessitates understanding your responsibilities regarding your self-defense actions and the law pertaining to use of deadly force: a life or death decision.


Will you panic under pressure? Or will you have the confidence to prevail when it matters? Our training develops the knowledge, physical skill set and experience to prevail if forced to defend yourself or loved ones in a critical incident.


One must understand the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of defensive firearm applications. A defensive use of a firearm is not the occasional fifty rounds fired at a shooting range. That is like comparing an orange to a zebra!


Jim S.
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"Both Kathleen and I (especially Kathleen) genuinely appreciated your kindness, patience, and personal attention to her as she went through the challenging (for her) transition to a different weapon and ammunition at the range. We debriefed over dinner at Rudy’s, and Kathleen said she much preferred working with you today than our Ohio CC class instructors three years ago. They were excellent as well, but you really impressed her. She’s not easily impressed. I should know. The competition for her hand in marriage back in the day was pretty tough. 😂" December 14, 2021
Jarea S.
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"Mike was professional and answered all our questions while still keeping the class interesting and enjoyable." December 13, 2021
Yanira G.
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"Great class with a great instructor. This was my very first class and I am extremely pleased with how everything turned out. The instructor is very professional and such a patient person. Couldn’t have asked for someone better. Would definitely recommend!" February 12, 2022
Rhonda H.
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"I highly recommend Ranger Focus! Mike is an amazing trainer and I had a great experience! I loved the class, the laser training as well as trying out different guns at the range! Can't wait to continue with more classes and getting more experience at the range! :)" December 16, 2021
Angelica U.
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"Great class, informative and knowledgeable instructor." February 16, 2022
Cody C.
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"Mike is hands down the most well informed and passionate instructors I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. His expert knowledge and subject matter understanding is second to none. I feel prepared to carry my weapon safely and with confidence. I understand the legal aspect of carrying and the challenges I may face. I am prepared to meet these challenges thanks to Mike." December 13, 2021
Penny E.
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"Loved this class and really appreciated the fact that Mike took the time to answer all questions from attendees in depth. Highly recommend the class." February 27, 2022
Matthew C.
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"What better than an army ranger to teach you about gun safety. Mike knows exactly how dangerous a firearm can be and how important it is to be properly trained before handling one. I highly encourage joining one of Mikes LTC classes to train you or your loved ones on how to safely carry a firearm." Facebook Review, January 17, 2022.




A person who makes the decision to carry a firearm for personal defense purposes has stepped into a realm of the highest level of personal responsibility. We have accepted the possibility that we may be confronted with the use of deadly force. The average citizen has no sense of the brief moments that may suddenly arise in his or her otherwise quiet life. Our training provides you with the knowledge, ability, and confidence to prevail in those critical moments and beyond.

My mission is to teach responsible citizens to understand the potential threat, apply proper avoidance techniques where possible, but when forced to defend, prevail. The life of the responsible citizen who has chosen to carry a firearm for self-defense is not 60 minutes and 50 rounds of ammunition at the range once and while: It is a lifestyle that may save your life!

As I went through my various training on the way to instructor status, I realized this simple fact and it became abundantly clear. Those of us who choose to take responsibility for our safety are held to a higher standard under the law. The reality is that protection is normally minutes late and ends up merely cleaning up the mess and filing a report. If in our skilled response we prevail, a long, difficult and expensive emotional and legal battle may be our reality. Defense firearms training may save your Life, Liberty and Property.

Mike E.



Firearms Training

We offer all forms of firearms training from basic to advanced, women only, families, and young adults. We teach you to safely and confidently have fun with your firearm.

Concealed Carry

Achieve your License to Carry. Advanced, laser based, defensive firearm training. Learn and practice defense scenarios. Be ready to prevail in the fight.


Understand Your rights as a citizen of the United States and be prepared to protect that right. We are unique in the world in our right to bear arms. Protect it!

Refuse to be a Victim

A Non-firearm course designed as a crime prevention and personal safety seminar designed to offer women and men a variety of options from which they can choose to prepare their own crime prevention and personal safety strategies.