Mike Ellerkamp is a husband, father, grandfather, an author, and cancer survivor. In the 1970s – 1980s, he served both in the US Air Force and in the US Army, as an Airborne Ranger with the First Battalion, Seventy-Fifth Infantry. Mike’s last duty assignment was RANGER Instructor at Camp Rudder, Eglin AFB, Florida.

Mike is certified with the State of Texas to teach the state’s License to Carry courses. He also has certifications with United States Concealed Carry Association and National Rifle Association for various firearms courses and is a qualified Range Safety Officer. Our passion at Ranger Focus is to teach students about fighting with a gun and to integrate that firearm into one’s personal self-defense strategies

Mike and his wife, Mollie, live in the Houston metro area with their dog Coco Man. They love to travel, snow skiing in Colorado, and of course shooting. But, most of all Mike loves to teach, to see the excitement and confidence expressed in the faces of his students. My students’ success is my passion! And, maybe will save their life one day


Ranger Focus is a Defense Firearms Training organization. Shooting at a range and fighting with a handgun in a critical defense situation are two entirely different aspects of the use of a handgun. Our mission is to provide the full range of self-defense education beginning with basic firearms training, safety, and maintenance. We will develop strong shooting skills at the range, develop strength and confidence in use and function of various aspects of firearms self-defense. Our instruction includes the all-important application of conflict avoidance and situational awareness to stay out of a use of force wherever possible. We will teach the psychology of attack response and how to counter that response in the fight.

What sets us apart is our use of laser pistol systems to provide a safe environment to practice what happens if the firearm becomes the proper response to the attack you could not avoid. In any self-defense training system, one practices hundreds of repetitions to make the movement subconscious. This process is difficult with pistols or rifles because of the dangerous nature of a projectile leaving the barrel. We eliminate the projectile. Without the projectile, we can create a training environment with the repetitions to develop a quick, accurate attack response. Most attacks are very close – within 15 feet; very fast – over in about 3 seconds; with about 3 shots fired. We can give you that training environment and prepare your muscles for the mechanics and let your mind stay in command during the fight.

The final aspect of our training system is what happens after an unfortunate critical incident that includes use of deadly force. That education may keep you out of jail and financially viable. Two critical aspects of a defensive use of a firearm in our society today. Sadly, a person who carries is often held to a higher standard than those who do not carry. Be prepared

Concealed carry is a community. It is our goal to establish a vibrant, healthy community of responsible gun owners, ready and prepared to take responsibility of her or his Life and Liberty. To be that responsible citizen the founders envisioned during the debates for including the Second Amendment to our Constitution.


As an American you have been promised the right to defend yourself. That right necessitates understanding your responsibilities regarding your self-defense actions and the law. It is your responsibility to stay alive (Life), stay out of prison (Liberty) and protect your financial future (Property).


Will you panic under pressure? Or will you have the confidence to prevail when it matters? Our training develops the knowledge, physical skill set and experience to prevail if forced to defend yourself or loved ones in a critical incident.


One must understand the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of defensive firearm applications. A defensive use of a firearm is not the occasional fifty rounds fired at a shooting range. That is like comparing an orange to a zebra!