Why use title Defense Firearms Training?

Defense Firearms Training

Why Defense Firearms?

Defense FirearmsI’m often asked about why I’m so particular about “Defense Firearms” in the name of my company. My answer is always: “We are a defense firearms training organization.” Why? So, What!

As I was working my way through my NRA certifications, I realized that the NRA provides an excellent “How to” firearms curriculum. But they lack a sophisticated “carry” angle and tend to focus more on marksmanship and firearms safety (principles they were founded on). All good, but what one learns at the range for marksmanship and what will be required in a self-defense incident are not even of the same species, much less a comparison of apples and oranges.

What do I mean when I say that? Marksmanship shooting at the range is learning to hit the “bulls’ eye” at xx feet with all the time in the world. You would have the correct stance, grip, breath control, and so on. Plenty of time to gently pull the trigger. The chances that any of that happens in a self-defense incident is about ZERO percent! I love the NRA (lifetime – endowment member) and teach all the marksmanship fundamentals to create an informed, responsible citizen.

Defense Firearms is my Mission

No matter what you might want to say about the United States we are a gun culture country. We were founded on the principle, and it continues to this day even with the most desperate attempts by our liberal government and press to dictate otherwise. We need educated, sensible, responsible citizens to carry on our tradition safely – responsibly. As an instructor that is part of my mission.

However, what I’m really interested in is what happens when one decides to carry a firearm. The use of a firearm in a self-defense situation is totally different than shots fired on the range. Well, it is shots fired at a target, but under totally different set of circumstances.

Statistically speaking most of these assaults happen very quickly – in most cases it will be over in about three seconds and the defender will have fired three or more shots! When was the last time you tried that on the range!? Most ranges will not even let you fire in quick succession without it being a specialized class.

Use of Deadly Force

But beyond that, what if you had to use your firearm (we pray you never will), what comes next? Any use of “deadly force” will be investigated! In some places the benefit of the doubt may lay in your favor (rural areas in Texas for instance). In others (large urban areas mostly) the prosecutor may not be firearms friendly and wish to make a point of your use of force. It happens!

Everything will be reviewed – EVERYTHING! Your social media, the firearm you carry, the firearms to possess at your residence, how many rounds you carried and what type. What gear is attached to your firearm? Was firearm all tricked out!? Did you have “skull and crossbones” etched into the barrel? How did you respond? When did you respond? Were you drinking? Were you reckless? Did you know the person, how long, any bad blood between you?

Did you even know to ask any of these questions!? Have you ever considered any of these questions!?

There is the fight, and then there is after the fight. As concealed carriers we will be held to a higher standard under the law. The less attention you bring to yourself and the more education you have about what the carry lifestyle means the better your life will be – all the way around.

Why “defense firearms training” in my company name? I want to keep you out of trouble when you are acting, as is your right, as a responsible (I would prefer you be licensed) concealed carry citizen. I want you to understand what it means to carry, why you should, and what to do when you are carrying for defense.

Be responsible – Be safe!

Join the ranks of responsible citizens: It’s a lifestyle!