Basic Firearms Training

This will be the basics of possessing and shooting firearms. All aspects of the science of the firearm, universal safety rules, maintenance, and basic state laws. This would include live fire on a range and laser training off the range.

Advanced Firearms Training

This level gets us to more advanced levels of live fire principles, including close-range quick-fire techniques, holster use, draw from holster, etc. This is a highly controlled live fire experience and practice.

License to Carry

State LTC course to prepare the student for acquiring his or her license to carry, understand the law as it applies to carry in Texas. We also carry reciprocity issues regarding licensing in other states.

LTC Mini Classes

Besides the full state required class to receive your LTC, we also offer “mini” classes for LTC to cover all of the important laws one is still responsible for even with the new Constitutional carry now in effect (HB-1927 that went into affect Sept 1, 2012). A person is responsible for understanding where and how a firearm may be carried in the State, not understanding the law is not a defense. 

Refuse to be a Victim

An NRA non-firearm course designed as a crime prevention and personal safety seminar designed to offer women and men a variety of options from which they can choose to prepare their own crime prevention and personal safety strategies. The seminar covers home, automobile, physical, internet, fraud, travel, telephone, and personal security in general. The course provides a broad overview of actions men and women can take to minimize their chances of being victimized.

Advanced Laser Training

This is the level where we set up training scenarios for defensive handgun use. These situations would include draw from holster; a much wider range of fire than on live fire range; multiple targets, and other opportunities that laser systems provide. We can bring this training to the concerned concealed carry person locally and at much lower costs.

Family Firearm Safety

Courses developed around the family from personal safety to advanced firearms safety. We believe that education is the key to safety.

Women's Firearm Safety

These will be the Firearms Training (Basic to Advanced) designed specifically for women.